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Consultation on your purchase

Your project management by 2G. Personally and individually.

In the initial telephone consultation, we determine your heating needs and learn how much space is available in your building for a 2G-system installation. Of course, we are already answering all the questions you may have, via phone, regarding the new plant (CHP). Once all the initial specifics are gathered and all outstanding issues are clarified, we will arrange for an appointment to meet with you personally.

During a personal consultation, our field staff will perform a local needs analysis and recommend which CHP system would be suitable for your specific needs. We will create a cost calculation based on the expected investment, consumption of existing assets, and the cost of electricity and heat.

Upon completion of our individual consultation, you will know when you will recoup your investment in a plant (CHP). Following our site visit, we will send you an individual quote. After concluding the agreement, we will go through the detailed planning and coordinating of the installation of the system. You can choose from a wide range of our product line.

Upon request, we provide you with a turnkey solution, making use of our in-house network of contractors. Alternatively, we coordinate with your own sub-contractor or deliver the equipment for self-installation. We will clarify in advance the necessary structural measures as well as hydraulic and electrical connections.

Our experts perform the start-up of the system, with the necessary adjustments until the maximum efficiency is achieved. Even after starting the machine, it will be monitored centrally via remote control by 2G. In the event of any interference, we are able to resolve the issue, either directly via remote control or with the short notice dispatch of our service team. Upon request, we provide the entire maintenance of the facility.


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