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About the company 2G

Company 2G – Only satisfied customers make us successful.

In company 2G, one of the leading manufacturers of combined heat and power units, we set the goal of active participation in the global energy revolution.

By manufacturing modules for distributed energy generation using combined heat and power, we actively contribute to the realisation of climate goals, and at the same time provide our customers significant savings on energy costs.

We cooperate with thousands satisfied customers and business partners throughout the world, who are already convinced by our success and the quality of our company’s products. So far, we have successfully installed CHP units in over 20 countries.

The portfolio of 2G’s products ranges from units with a power output of 20 kW to large units with a power output of 2,000 kW, which provide electricity and heat to entire industrial areas.

The broad range of the product portfolio allows the possibility to use various gases and gas mixtures. Thus, 2G modules are operated with natural gas and biomethane, as well as with various lean gases such as biogas, sewage gas, or LFG methane.

The three cornerstones of success 

1. First Technology Leadership

As an innovative technology leader with the highest efficiency achieved, we enjoy worldwide recognition, especially in the power range between 50 kW and 500 kW of electric power.

Due to continuous development work on engine efficiency, we were able to realize more than a 2 percentage point increase in the agenitor series (natural gas and biogas). The foundation for this success was laid in early 2009 when we were able to have Dr Günther Herdin, one of the world's most respected gas engine experts on gas, commit to us long term. In 2010, based on this cooperation, 2G with Dr Herdin as a partner founded 2G Drives GmbH as its own research and development subsidiary. The team of 2G Drives, consisting of approximately 20 engineers and technicians as well as 20 other mechanics, is continuously engaged with the development of gas engines and engine peripherals. In 2011, a test facility went into operation at the Heek site, which underlines the technological demands of the entire 2G Group.

2. Services

The high quality of 2G’s brand is not only defined by the efficiency and reliability of its products, but also by the services provided by 2G at existing facilities. The branching network of locally settled 2G service technicians and service partners, provides fast response times and a regulated system maintenance. With the 24-hour service hotline, seven days a week, the 2G service team is always available.

In 2011, the 2G service moved to its own building to speed up the coordination and processing of the demands for service and spare parts. With a combined total of nearly 1,000 square meters dedicated to service checks in the central building and a separate warehouse for spare parts, all service components are permanently and readily available.

3. The Team

Our colleagues always stay true to the 2G philosophy: "Only satisfied customers make us successful." Due to the pursuit of this philosophy and its associated high level of customer satisfaction, remarkable things were achieved, particularly during growth periods. With the experience gained over more than 17 years, our colleagues are now proud to call themselves "specialists of combined heat and power."


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