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Installation options

2G gas modules are renowned for their high efficiency and cost-saving characteristics.

1. Container

2G's container solutions are the perfect plug-and-play application for customers who rely on a standardised solution with reproducible quality. Container plants (CHPs) are methodically tested, complete systems, of which 2G customers can expect the highest quality. Installation is easy, saves time, and is realised with only a few steps. Container solutions require, in comparison to engine rooms, less planning effort. The 2G containers are galvanised – this guarantees maximum security. As an autonomous system, container plants (CHP) can be moved with little effort, therefore offering excellent potential for site transfer and transportation in general.

2. Concrete acoustic enclosure

By using a concrete acoustic enclosure in the Super Silent model (use of alternative components such as emergency and intercooler, muffler, and exhaust air wings) of 2G modules, noise levels can be reduced to 45 dB (A) at 10 m. In residential areas, for example, this ensures a problem-free operation of a cogeneration module. Similar to the container option and very much like a prefabricated garage, the concrete acoustic enclosure can easily be positioned on site. Furthermore, it boasts a stylish look which adapts particularly well in an urban landscape.

3. Indoor housing

The indoor housing allows the customer individual choices for the integration of a cogeneration plant. Depending on personal preference and purpose, the building's architecture can always be modified. Furthermore, a tailored solution can easily be found on the basis of standard drawings for building installations, readily available at 2G.

4. Planning installation in existing buildings

2G’s success is largely due to its high level of flexibility, not only in terms of the variety of our modules but also in the CHP set-up options. In addition to standard solutions in a container, concrete acoustic enclosure or engine room, 2G modules of all types can also be installed in existing buildings or central heating systems. The compact design of 2G’s entire product line allows installation even in small spaces, and has subsequently helped 2G overcome many space-related challenges in the past.

Especially designed for installation in existing buildings, 2G offers the delivery of a sound capsule to reduce noise levels to 65 dB (A) in 10 m.


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